The top 3 objectives of a
health & wellness strategy are:


Improve employee health


Increase engagement & morale


Reduce absenteeism

Source: 2013 Global Workplace Health and Wellness Report


The engaged workers with high career well-being are satisfied.

When people come to work but underperform because of illness, the combined costs of lost productivity can be higher than the costs of health insurance.


Workers, who are satisfied with health promotion, plan to stay a minimum of five years.

A company is four times more likely to experience a loss in talented workers in the next year if employees are not satisfied with wellness promotion.


Employees who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle take fewer sick days.

Companies experience a 19% reduction in absenteeism and a savings of $264 per employee, per year when a wellness program has been implemented.


Satisfied, healthy employees have lower turnover rates and lower health expenses.

Research shows that participation in a wellness program is associated with increased job satisfaction.


Employees who participate in wellness programs are more productive than those who don’t.

43% of employees surveyed say wellness programs lead them to miss fewer days and 51% of employees feel wellness programs encourage them to be more productive at work.

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