Brokers can look to us for answers

Employers look to their benefits broker as a strategic advisor to help them answer the burning question: how can our organization control our health benefits costs?

As the field of workplace health management continues to evolve, the role of brokers and consultants must as well.

Employers are looking for wellness tools and programs to help improve employee health, reduce healthcare costs, and increase productivity – brokers help connect employers to the wellness solutions that do so.

We know brokers like you are facing unprecedented challenges in recent years. With competitive pressures coming from payroll companies and numerous other sources, it’s more important than ever to think progressively about how wellness can round out your full-service offering.

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As a broker, you want to be 100% prepared to meet the need to improve employee health, reduce healthcare costs, and increase productivity. Our wellness solution was built, from the ground up, for small, midsize, and large businesses and their benefits consultants.

Trusted & Recommended

Offer a wellness solution that you can recommend and trust, which is built to support a variety of incentive structures and is easy for your clients to understand.

Cost Effective & Customizable

Offer a flexible, cost effective, modular program that can easily be customized and deployed, right out of the box.

We Make It Easy

Let us walk you through how our wellness platform makes you more competitive. We can help you get up and running quickly to provide a solution to one of the biggest challenges facing your clients.

LiveWell 1440 allows group benefits brokers to:

Grow their business

Remain competitive in the marketplace

Stress-free administration

Add value to their clients by offering a comprehensive benefit package

Earn additional revenue stream

Comprehensive government compliance

Ready to maximize workplace efficiency & health?